Thursday, April 24, 2014

Poem in Your Pocket Day - 24th Apr, 2014

In honor of "Poem in Your Pocket Day," today, I would encourage all to read  a poem, recite a poem to a friend or family member and if you are truly brave of heart - compose your very own!  Now, I know what you are thinking that poems are old fashioned, serious and silly and you would be right exactly right.
Poems come in all shapes and sizes, one can help a kindergartner learn her A,B,C's, others are set to music, some are in scripture, while others are used for marching, and some are for lullaby's and love songs.  One size does not fit all and that is what makes poems so amazing, their variety.  Your adventure lies in finding out what speaks to you, or sings, marches, weeps, or makes you laugh. Remember as a wise and life experienced individual once penned, that we are to joy in the journey. And that is my hope for you today and always.
May I share with you my "silly" little poem based on a very short verse from a classic Christmas carol entitled "Peace on Earth."  The words have been altered to express the joy that this place has given me in my life's journey of buying clothes without having to give them the clothes off my back to pay for them! Ha Ha!

Original version:   "Peace on earth, good will to men."

My version:

Remember I warned you it was "si-lly!" If you are interested in learning more more about "Poems in Your Pocket," click here. And if any of you feel like it share a poem you wrote, in the comments section.  Hope you make it a wonderful day and wear a "smile a mile."

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