Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dog Days of Fall Design, Ya'll

Thank you for stopping in today.  I hope ya'll were inspired by something
in my "Dog Days of Fall" entryway design. If you were, go dig it up and get
to work on it, or if nothing else, go and hug your pooch and give him a 
treat! Have a Grrrrrrrrrrreat Day!  HSH

Thursday, October 16, 2014

***New*** Hallmark Channel Original Chickflick

My Boyfriends' Dogs - Video | Hallmark Channel

I am a  lover of dogs, chick flicks, romance and Hallmark!  Did I say winner? Winner!!!
Let me just put a paw up for this movie, live on the Hallmark channel this Saturday, October 18 at 9/8 Central time. I hope you will join the pack along with your furry friends and after the show, tell me how many paws you gave the movie - 1 Paw: Ruff to 5 Paws: Woof!!!!!.  Who's bringing treats?  See you all at the movie.  HSH

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Life Is A Kitchen" FREE Chalkboard Printable

In today's Fall post, I am pleased to share this creative, quippy, cute and I just really fell for it, FREE Printable from Jamielyn's blog, i heart naptime, which Jessica Kirkland guest posted from her website  Pen N’ Paperflowers Blog  Now that the HOT days of Summer are only visible from my rear view mirror,  I am ready to do some 'xperimentin in the kitchen with new recipes that I hope will become "...something incredible..." for my family and friends!

For your free chalk art download please choose the size you would like and then click: 8 x 10 Click Here  and 11 x 14 Click Here
Thank you to Jessica and Jamielyn for sharing this "yummy" word art reminder of the magic we can make in our kitchens not only in the Fall but all year long!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Real Cherries in a Delicious Gluten Free Snack Bar

Betty Lou's Gluten Free Fruit Bars

Have I got a great tasting snack option for you gluten free friends out there today!  Whether you are eating gluten free out of choice or because of an intolerance issue, this is one satisfying snack option for my fellow cherry lovers.  In this country, cherry season ended not to long ago, but now Betty Lou's GF Cherry Fruit Bars make it possible to extend the season all year.

 They are a soft chew, fruit - filled bar, with a taste that reminds you of  cobbler.  The bar is a full blast of cherry flavor without being super sweet - because their sugar comes from fruit juice and natural fruit.  They are easy to carry in a purse, pocket, or lunch pail - not messy or dry.

And the best part is, they also come in blueberry, strawberry, apricot and apple cinnamon flavors. We have also eaten and enjoyed the blueberry and apple cinnamon, which are as delicious as the cherry.  One other important fact about Betty Lou's GF Fruit Bars is that they, and I quote from their allergy statement:

"Do(es) not contain any of the 8 major food allergens identified by the FDA."  

Just so you know, I am NOT, nor is anyone in my family affiliated with Betty Lou's and we are NOT receiving any money from anyone for this review.

I share this with you because we like these GF fruit bars and buy them by the box and store them in our fridge for a snack or a treat while running errands or on road trips.  They are great tasting, convenient, and good for you too!  I know they are available for purchase at Sprout's Markets and available online at Betty Lou's and at Amazon.  I hope you will give them a try and enjoy them as much as we do.  HSH

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

National Dog Day

A shout out for our best friends in fur coats!  It is a lot to "Bark" about!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Successful Day is About Remembering and Internalizing Your Goals

Yes, I am that kind of person who collects quotes. Sometimes I print and strategically hang them up to remind me of my goal and/or I memorize it so I can review it in my mind throughout the day - mentally reminding myself of what I want to achieve.   My personal belief is that a successful life is about time, how we choose to use it and how we choose to treat one another. This is my new inspirational favorite. If you want, you can check out my other favorite quotes by clicking on my Pinterest board on the upper right hand corner of this blog page.

This is a reminder for me how I want to live today and tomorrow and to continue adding all those tomorrows together!  I KNOW I will be a happier person because of it!  I also believe that you can do this too, yes, we can do it together!  The amazing affect of doing something so seemingly insignificant as this is that this is how to change the world. Start with yourself, then do one of these kind acts for someone, then they pass it along and it is multiplied and repeated by many.  Miracles will happen.  Let's be that miracle in someone's life today and begin the transformation of the hearts of human beings to be their very best!  HSH 

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Thrifty, nifty Thursday friends!  What is more thrifty and nifty than being HAPPY?  What is the next best thing to being happy?  That is hard to narrow down but being Creative ranks pretty high on my list.
Well, a couple of my friends, in real life and on Facebook, introduced me to a Website/Channel and Blog that has both happy and creative as the magical thread that runs throughout all that they do, couple that with music.  Can it get any better than this, well maybe, buuuuuut, it is my pleasure to share with you: Click Here

Today, I want to "Tune" you into their theme song music video.  To fun if you are a girl and if you are a guy just endure it well.  Hopefully it will add some happy to your Thursday!  HSH

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Making Christmas Memories via The Cottage Journal Magazine

I came across this article in the online edition of The Cottage Journal Magazine and had to share it with you.
Making memories centered around family and friends is one of life's greatest treasures that will enhance life and surpass death and literally sustain us in times of hardship and trial.  I know from personal experience that making good and happy family memories is a super glue that holds a family together.  Take courage and start planning today.  Christmas will be here before you know it, it is right around the calender corner.  Not all of us can make a trip to the the magical Pine Hill Farms in Birmingham, Alabama, yet there ARE things we CAN DO!
Ponder it, plan it, prepare it and then partake in that great gift of choice family memories YOU created - be it small and simple or midsize and  marvelous or WOW that was amazing!  Please remember to take joy in the journey so YOU TOO will be glad you did this.  HSH  

Text by Katie Wood / Photography by Mac Jamieson
Pine Hill Farm owners, Cary and Carlene Walker, not only grow lush evergreen trees, but they also cultivate a time-honored Christmas tradition for families who return year after year to relive treasured holiday memories.
“It’s a special place with a special spirit.” That’s how Carlene Walker describes the unique family Christmas tree farm she and her husband, Cary, own. Located just outside of Birmingham, Alabama, Pine Hill Farm stretches across 15 acres of beautiful rolling hills, dappled with hundreds of Christmas trees. It is a place where families from across the area flock each year for an “old-fashioned” Christmas experience.
Customers can find several varieties of Christmas trees at Pine Hill Farm, including the Leyland Cypress and Carolina Sapphire, in a range of different sizes with some reaching heights of more than 20 feet. The farm also offers popular precut trees like Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, and Black Hills Spruce, which have been imported from Northern states. At Pine Hill Farm the Walkers not only allow customers the rustic and visceral experience of cutting down their tree of choice, but they also offer the lighting, flocking with snow, and even delivery of their tree. “We’ve never heard of somebody doing all of that,” Carlene said, “We didn’t have any more land to expand on, so we just decided to expand by offering more services.”
Carlene said the memories that children and families make together while picking out the perfect tree is just one of many reasons why she recommends people buy from a tree farm instead of a big-box store. “When you come out to the farm, it’s a whole experience,” she said, “You get to ride the farm wagon, you see the reindeer in the authentic old barn, and you just get to be out in the country.”

Friday, July 4, 2014


Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, said:
On days like today I find myself reflecting on the important issues of faith, family, and freedom. These three issues are intertwined. One cannot be struck without impacting the others. I cannot adequately express the tremendous gratitude I feel to Heavenly Father for allowing me to live with my family in a time and place in which we have the opportunity to freely worship Him. (see Facebook click here.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vintage Patriotic Iowa Seed Company Catalog Covers

Smithsonian Libraries Collection

I had just picked some tomatoes from our garden and was thinking of vintage garden seed catalogs and came across these Iowa Seed Co. patriotic catalog covers and I could not resist putting these beauties in a post for today.  Enjoy! HSH

I would like to share one more piece of memorabilia in the form of a stirring and prophetic video clip from You Tube, on the Pledge of Allegiance lovingly rendered by the talented, beloved actor, the late Mr.Red Skeleton in 1969.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


A Traditional Beach Cottage Design

Traditional Living Room by New York Media & Bloggers Rizzoli New York

A Splash of Beach Style – the Lightened-up Version of the Traditional Beach Cottage Look

If you like the charm and relaxed feel of the traditional beach cottage design, but do not live near the beach, and believe that that design style might not be in keeping with your surroundings, you can still incorporate a few select “beachy” accessories into a room without it being an obvious design statement. 
Today’s “Hit Picks” design board uses Joss & Main’s furniture and wall d├ęcor.  I chose a couple of table accent pieces from two different Etsy shops and one from Joss & Main.  I chose the cool, calm blue (sky and water) and green (grass and plants) color palette for the four accent chairs.  I prefer using chairs in place of couches or love seats because this gives design flexibility, being able to move the chairs within a room for a new look or even to move one or more to a different room.  That is not as easy of a possibility with larger pieces.  The cool needed a touch of warmth with the addition of the orange-red coral accent color that you see in the abstract floral watercolor art piece and in the simple vine design – that also looks like sea coral, to me - in the area rug, the throw pillow on the green and white patterned arm chair and lastly in the “Sea Coral Glass Reef Marble.”
This “Splash of Beach Style” allows you to bring several reminders of that amazing natural space into your home/sanctuary without having to make a major commitment to the traditional beach cottage look.  I hope you learned something from this week’s “Hit Pick.”  I would appreciate your comments.  Thanks for visiting HSH.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Our friends from church were so kind to let us go up to their cabin, per my request, for a day trip this past Saturday.  There was a little work and a little play involved.  In a future post you will see some pics of the results of the “work” that we did.Here are a few highlights of our playing.  In all honesty, their cabin on the creek was a wonderful relaxing solitude – only to be pleasantly punctuated by visits from some amusing creatures that were great even though they were small.

A dragonfly  resting on a sun drenched rock that lay in the softly flowing creek of the shining water.

Leggy and delicate white wildflowers neighboring the creek.

My sweet husband studying the creek and the living things therein .

A craw fish and a trout.

I could not help but be in awe by the size and shape of the shadow from the oh so tiny water spider.

A beautiful space for a little “reflection.”

A picture perfect setting for some greatly appreciated  and highly desired Saturday solitude!
I hope that you and yours will carve out some time for a little solitude of your very own, soon! HSH

Friday, June 13, 2014

Dad's Day Card With A Helpful Tutorial From "Oh Joy"

Father's Day is almost here so now is the time to create your unique greeting card masterpiece that will let Dad know you care, you're crafty and thrifty too!  Which also means - in his mind - you can spend more on his special present or meal or tie.  Did I say that, really? Scratch that last idea. I meant to say PIE, that's right his favorite pie!  To prove I meant pie, I will post one of my father's favorite pie recipes.  It was always a big hit for him and our whole family!

Below is a colorful and fun You Tube video showing how to make a fold out "You're So RAD" card.  Why not change the "R" to a "D" and then you can have a "Wishing You a Very Happy... Dad's Day" card.  You can also carve out an " 's " that would be attached to the last "D."  It will work perfectly.  Trust me!  Or, you can keep it "Rad" and print Dad next to it.  You choose your favorite design, be creative!  Use his favorite colors, include a special memory, joke or a phrase that is known to the two of you and even a picture.  Have fun and and express your love for that special "Dad" in your life, then make his favorite pie or try mine, it is Soooooooo Good! Create some happy this Dad's Day! HSH

Click Here for the downloadable template.

Bishop's Chocolate Pie

1 pkg. instant vanilla pudding
1 pkg. instant chocolate pudding
2 c. cold milk
2 c. softened vanilla ice cream
1 Graham Cracker Crust

Beat first four ingredients above with mixer until smooth. Pour into graham cracker crust. Put whipped cream or Cool Whip on top. Chill until set. Add chocolate shavings on top made with a vegetable peeler.

Monday, June 9, 2014

P. Allen Smith's Happy Gardeners by Pharrell Williams

"Happy" Monday

I want to share one activity that truly brings me happiness...gardening!  I LOVE to work outdoors, much to my sweethearts chagrin.  I am afraid he is by far a better housekeeper than I am, for which I am grateful.  But I think there is a pay off because I do work, did I say work, excuse me - I play in the yard.  It gives me such a sense of accomplishment being able to grow things, create flower beds, vegetable gardens, plant fruit trees.  I am humbled and joy-filled to see that life comes from an all powerful and creative, living higher power, God.  If you want to see a miracle, plant a seed.  Anyway,  seeing this video has helped me to see that I am not alone in my gardening bliss.  Even if you do not share in this kind of FUN, hopefully watching others not take themselves to seriously and doing their own "Happy Dance" might put a little happy into your Monday!  Until next time, be Happy and enjoy the music.  HSH

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday Hit Picks

Joss & Main: "Punch" Color Crush

Last week we had calm and relaxing Office Haven, this week I wanted to liven up the living room with what I call "Punch" color.  You know the delicious color of fruit punch.  Looks oh so good and tastes even better.  That is what is found in the matching table lamps.  I love the color and the softly curved silhouette! A touch of feminine in the more masculine design of the remaining case goods.  Add to the color a little bit of sparkle in the desk crystal trinket box and some shine in the metal tray.  Add a butter color floor rug to ground the companion arm chairs that echo the curves in the circular canvas print.  
I hope you enjoy this yummy "Punch" vignette!  I've gotta run and see if I have any fruit punch in the house.  HSH

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Have You Seen This? Puppy perfectly imitates sleepy teen

If you love man's best friend, you will find this link something
to "Bark" about!  Enjoy, I promise it is Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Hit Picks

If you have the office "blues," maybe this arrangement will help you to see that all is not bad that is Blue!
Storage is an important feature of the desk, as well as the ottoman.  Comfort for the two side chairs.  Task lighting on top of the desk and a tall - yet almost invisible - white wire floor lamp. The blue four-tile art piece is reminiscent of Mexico, which makes me think of the warm beach and the soothing symphony of the ocean waves and...relaxing!  Did I mention I was going for calm, I am.  What mood would you pick for your "Office Haven Space?"  My hope is that this "Thursday Hit Picks" might inspire you how to make your space more calming by using neutrals with indigo/navy blues and greens. Or if that isn't your pick, make it pop with blues and coral or even yellow.  Enjoy your dream design journey! HSH 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Service to our Servicemen and Women This Memorial Day

I hope that you enjoyed my photographs of a thought provoking and touching war memorial that my hubby and I came across during a recent trip.  Yes, I know I am missing a sign from WW I,  and I do not know how that happened! My sincerest apologies.

Seeing these stone plaques got me thinking more deeply about the upcoming Memorial Day holiday and how I and perhaps many of us should be celebrating the weekend and specifically Monday.  So I jotted down a couple of ideas that came to mind that I hope may inspire you to express your gratitude to those who have given so much if not their all including leaving behind their own children, wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents and dear friends - to preserve freedom and peace at home and abroad.

Say "Thank You."
Sounds simple, yes, but it will mean so much.  About three years ago I called my uncle that served in the Army and told him how grateful I was for his service.  He was stunned at first, but I could tell how grateful he was for the call. If talking by telephone is not possible or a little uncomfortable, try jotting down a few thoughts of encouragement and gratitude in a card or letter and mail it to someone you know that has or is now serving.  These seemingly small gestures will give a lift to the spirit of those that receive them, if for no other reason than to realize that someone remembered them.

Secondly, check with a cemetery in your community that has grave stones of servicemen or women that could use a cleaning. What a kind expression.  And if you want to do more leave a flag or a flower. You will feel good inside.  If you have children, this would be a great opportunity to teach of the wonderful gift of service.  Service that that person gave for us and of the gift of service you can give in return.

I hope that you will have an especially happy Memorial Day surrounded by family and friends.  And please set some time aside to make it a memorable day for you and for some deserving serviceman.  Please, if you have ways that you serve these true American Hero's, won't you share them with us in the comments section. Until next time, enjoy the journey!  HSH