Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Successful Day is About Remembering and Internalizing Your Goals

Yes, I am that kind of person who collects quotes. Sometimes I print and strategically hang them up to remind me of my goal and/or I memorize it so I can review it in my mind throughout the day - mentally reminding myself of what I want to achieve.   My personal belief is that a successful life is about time, how we choose to use it and how we choose to treat one another. This is my new inspirational favorite. If you want, you can check out my other favorite quotes by clicking on my Pinterest board on the upper right hand corner of this blog page.

This is a reminder for me how I want to live today and tomorrow and to continue adding all those tomorrows together!  I KNOW I will be a happier person because of it!  I also believe that you can do this too, yes, we can do it together!  The amazing affect of doing something so seemingly insignificant as this is that this is how to change the world. Start with yourself, then do one of these kind acts for someone, then they pass it along and it is multiplied and repeated by many.  Miracles will happen.  Let's be that miracle in someone's life today and begin the transformation of the hearts of human beings to be their very best!  HSH 

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