Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Our friends from church were so kind to let us go up to their cabin, per my request, for a day trip this past Saturday.  There was a little work and a little play involved.  In a future post you will see some pics of the results of the “work” that we did.Here are a few highlights of our playing.  In all honesty, their cabin on the creek was a wonderful relaxing solitude – only to be pleasantly punctuated by visits from some amusing creatures that were great even though they were small.

A dragonfly  resting on a sun drenched rock that lay in the softly flowing creek of the shining water.

Leggy and delicate white wildflowers neighboring the creek.

My sweet husband studying the creek and the living things therein .

A craw fish and a trout.

I could not help but be in awe by the size and shape of the shadow from the oh so tiny water spider.

A beautiful space for a little “reflection.”

A picture perfect setting for some greatly appreciated  and highly desired Saturday solitude!
I hope that you and yours will carve out some time for a little solitude of your very own, soon! HSH

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