Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Hit Picks

If you have the office "blues," maybe this arrangement will help you to see that all is not bad that is Blue!
Storage is an important feature of the desk, as well as the ottoman.  Comfort for the two side chairs.  Task lighting on top of the desk and a tall - yet almost invisible - white wire floor lamp. The blue four-tile art piece is reminiscent of Mexico, which makes me think of the warm beach and the soothing symphony of the ocean waves and...relaxing!  Did I mention I was going for calm, I am.  What mood would you pick for your "Office Haven Space?"  My hope is that this "Thursday Hit Picks" might inspire you how to make your space more calming by using neutrals with indigo/navy blues and greens. Or if that isn't your pick, make it pop with blues and coral or even yellow.  Enjoy your dream design journey! HSH 

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